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Clinical Data Management

Experience Datamatica’s Technology Driven Clinical Data Management Platform


Cloud Technology

Enabling Reduced Costs and Time with Our cloud-based SAAS EDC Suite


Customised Software Solutions

Years of expertise in delivering a wide range of applications that meets regulatory compliance.


Awesome customer experience and enhanced business outcomes

Real Time Data Capture

Real Time Data Capture

Datamatica's real time data capture solution enables Customers access to high-quality data and analytics from point of source. This enables business to reap the benefits of reduced costs, faster decision making and shorter timelines.

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Capture DATA from multiple channels

Tablets / Smart Phone

e-Pen / Paper


Web / Mobile App

Accelerated Clinical eSuite

Accelerated Clinical eSuite

ACE simplifies your clinical data collection process providing Remote data capture and management with a customizable work flow.

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Quick study setup

Set up your study in less turnaround time our system is designed to easily set up and build a complete database including edit checks

Global Support

We provide 24/7 global support no matter what time or where you are located

Wide Experience

25 years of experience in delivering Clinical Data

Flexible Platform

Customizable solution with data capture and standardized data exchange