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About Us

Datamatica is a specialist business solution provider focused on innovative data capture technologies and information management in order to drive business efficiencies for commercial organisations.

In today’s global competitive landscape, businesses are focused on delivering quality based “core services” while endeavouring to maintain appropriate financial cost management and profit margins.  Data and information is at the very core of business service delivery, by leveraging and utilising our expertise we are able to transform data into timely and accurate information thus enabling smarter business decision making.

We have a range of innovative business solutions geared to all industry sectors: Financial, Insurance, Technology and Healthcare, enabling organisations to stay focused on core services while we enable intelligence based business decision making. Our expertise encompasses:

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) using proven Digital Pen technology in order to automate and capture information at the source, as simply and efficiently as possible and without duplication of effort.
Data Structuring and Storage,  captured data streams have to be appropriately indexed, structured and stored to facilitate data integration and reporting. Our warehousing systems accomplish this.
Data Integration and Mapping, ensuring that all systems capturing data are fully networked, integrated to either front end or back end systems and data exchange is optimised to ensure that the data being processed produces real business benefits.
Data Reporting and Exports ensure that meaningful  information dashboards and scorecard metrics are produced enabling informed and timely business decision making. The utilisation of key information is a vital asset in driving business strategy and we at Datamatica can enable that.

In short, we at Datamatica are experts at capturing, integrating and managing data. Our business strategy is focused on transforming your “data” into a valuable and critical business asset. We enable proactive and smarter business decision making, a vital component in achieving your business strategy and objectives.

Datamatica the expertise to deliver a complete clinical trial solution :

The Datamatica solution has been specifically developed to meet the rigorous needs of the pharmaceutical industry. We bring together the full range of essential skills required to deliver a complete clinical trial solution:

  • We have significant expertise in providing data solutions to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and CRO industries.
  • We are able to meeting or exceed the required regulatory quality framework (21CFR part 11, ICH and GCP) with full audit traceability.
  • We have significant expertise in the design, print and management of clinical data capture forms and documents.      
Datamatica has over a century’s worth of combined pharmaceutical industry knowledge and a wide range of experience encompassing all aspects of clinical trial management. This expertise ensures that we can customise and deliver solutions to meet your exact requirements.
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