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An Affordable ECOA solution Easy to use and Faster turn around times.

Reduced clinical trail cost

Intelligent solution meets cost and time

Real-time data reporting

Real-time data reporting module delivers the best in class on demand information on study status

Accelerated Clinic esuite

Datamatica's ACE enables will simplify your data collection providing Remote data capture integration through a continuous flow of integrated information and a secure, holistic, real-time view of your research.We improve clinical trial operations through interoperability, informed decisions, improve compliance and faster resolution

    We enable :

  • Faster Trial initiation

  • Reduce study timelines and costs

  • Clean and transform data with faster turnaround time

  • Collect and Manage all facet of trial Data

  • Enhanced Data Visualization and analytics

  • Increased savings on data review

  • Increased Data Management productivity

ACE's compatibility with multiple channel leverages convenience for obtaining information by way of various devices such as tablet, Smartphone, wearable and also from traditional CRF's (tablet, Smartphone, etc.) Our Real-time data reporting module delivers the best in class on demand information on study status, from within a few minutes from time of source entry

ACE simplifies informed consent for sponsors, site teams and ethics committees with an easy-to-use and powerful platform through better comprehension. ACE can serve as a standalone solution or can fully integrate with other solutions

Main advantages are:

  • ACE is intuitive, user friendly and provide clean and accurate data.
  • Our solution is collaborative, interactive and agile.
  • ACE enables faster turnaround libraries, workflows, import/export data and easy to use interface.
  • Query Management
  • ACE enables patients with mobile intuitive and easy-to-use solution to capture real time data.
  • ACE enables patients to easily and accurately record concomitant medication in real time.