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Datascribe provides flexible trial management and web based reporting across the key stages of Clinical trial conduct. Using our considerable experience we have customised the system to meet the regulatory constraints of the clinical trial environment and the needs of the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and CRO sectors. The Digital Pen (DP) has been developed to electronically capture pen strokes as  paper CRF’s or patient diary information is completed, the data is then sent securely and quickly (in real time) via Bluetooth connectivity and via the internet to a Data Server for further analysis, review and reporting. Our system has the capability of running univariate data checks encompassing out of range values and will provide automated alerts for data review.

We have the facility to produce any desired combination of form types for data capture within clinical trials, these include: Demography Forms, Health Surveys, Quality of Life Surveys, Patient Diaries, Self Rated Scales, Tick Boxes and Area Analysis Grids. Our library of forms encompasses the data collections needs of most clinical trials.

We can also provide a variety of reports and tools with up-to-date study information regarding the data captured. These customized reports enable clinical teams to anticipate the next step in the study process and proactively handle potential issues. The system has the potential to provide CRF, site and subject level tracking and ensures that critical study milestones are achieved, thus enabling proactive trial management.

The system is a fully “hosted service” and therefore trials can be managed quickly and with minimal upfront costs thereby accelerating data capture at source. Datamatica’s solution provides EDC functionality for paper based studies whilst significantly reducing overall costs associated with traditional EDC data collection systems. Our system is fully validated to meet the current industry regulations.

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