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Hosting & Management of Clinical Study Project Portals

We develop, manage and host clinical project portals, ensuring that they are fully accessible over the Internet. The portals are fully secured via industry leading Firewall technologies utilising encryption protocols and server level protection while ensuring performance and access of trial documentation via the web is not degraded. Secure trial specific web portals together with content management tools and the ability to alert (via email or SMS) study teams as documentation is updated provide a powerful and proactive communication solution for the clinical trial study team.  With varying levels of managed secure access to content, the web portals promotes a virtual community where both study staff and individual sites can upload and access study documentation, changes are communicated in “Real Time”  for effective trial management seven days a week and twenty four hours a day.

Our solutions enable global study management via tried and tested securely hosted project portals enabling rapid deployment with minimal upfront investments.

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