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Datamatica partners with Kayentis.
Datamatica and Kayentis are proud to announce that they have entered into a partnership agreement to promote Clinform, an advanced digital clinical pen and forms solution. Under the terms of this agreement, Datamatica will promote and operate the market leading clinical pen solution, Clin’Form® within the UK and Indian regions. Datamatica will utilize its expertise of the pharmaceutical and life sciences market to promote and integrate Clin’Form® into its service mix and product offering.

Based on ANOTO digital pen and paper technology, Clin’Form® ia a paper based EDC solution that combines advanced technology solutions through traditional methods of clinical data capture: the most simple data collection method (paper and pen) offering the highest data quality combined with all the advantages of electronic management (real time access to data, accurate timestamps, audit trail features, alerts, distribution of relevant information to the right persons), while significantly streamlining clinical trial costs.

Said Kayentis' Managing Director, Guillaume Juge, "I am very happy about this partnership since I really trust that our combined expertise with Datamatica is the perfect fit to significantly grow our sales in the pharmaceutical industry in the UK."

Said Datamatica's Managing Director, Subash Sadanandan, "We believe that the Clin’Form® product provides huge benefits to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. The solution provides robust and flexible EDC functionality whilst reducing the overall costs associated with data capture. I believe that the combined skills of both organizations will provide a great value proposition for our industry sector, and especially so in the current economic climate."

About Datamatica
Datamatica is a specialist organization with vast experience of the clinical research industry. Their core focus is to provide innovative data capture, analysis and reporting solutions which help to streamline and reduce the costs associated with the clinical research process.

About Kayentis
Kayentis is the #1 publisher and operator of digital pen and smart paper solutions for the healthcare industry. Kayentis solutions have been sucessfully deployed in 50 countries for more than 50,000 patients. Kayentis is a member of the Pennsylvania BIO and BIO New Jersey clusters. Kayentis is an Anoto Platinum Partner, Oracle Partner and HP Solution Business Partner.
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Datamatica has forged relationship with tertiary care hospitals in Asia.
Datamatica forges an excellent relationship with a leading hospital in Asia in order to streamline and optimise it’s patient management and processing systems. By utilising an integrated and innovative data capture, analysis and work flow based solution the hospital expects to see marked improvements in patient appointment scheduling, day care provisioning and overall healthcare management. Integrating Datamatica’s solution with the hospital’s current Resource Planning Systems ensured rapid deployment with minimal changes and interruption to both patient and hospital administration.

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