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Intelligent Data Solutions (IDS)

A futuristic clinical trial platform with AI integration for advanced capabilities.

DATAMATICA, an innovative technology company, has developed IDS an AI-powered Clinical Trial Management Application for streamlining the clinical trial process. The application features advanced capabilities such as patient screening, trial management, and data analysis, all powered by AI technology. The platform's user-friendly interface allows for efficient and easy management of clinical trials, ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of trial data.

Key Features

Making Clinical Trials Smarter: IDS Does It All.

IDS Mobile simplifies clinical trial data capture with customizable CRF forms and an intuitive dashboard displaying visit status and queries. Users reply to queries directly and can submit forms with ease, benefiting from standard validation.

With study design and protocol management, you can easily create, manage and modify clinical trial protocols to meet your research objectives. This feature allows you to customize your trial design and protocol to fit the specific needs of your research.

IDS streamlines clinical trials with simplified patient enrollment, advanced e-consent management, and secure e-signature integration. Experience efficient trial management, enhanced patient engagement, and compliance. Join us to revolutionize your trials today!

Data collection and monitoring help you to collect and monitor trial data, including patient-reported outcomes, in real-time. With this feature, you can use electronic data capture (EDC) forms to enter data directly into the system, reducing the risk of errors and delays. You can also monitor trial progress and safety data in real-time, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly.

Investigator and site management allow you to efficiently manage investigators and clinical trial sites, including monitoring site performance. This feature helps you to manage site selection, activation, and training, as well as monitor site performance and compliance. You can also streamline communication with investigators and track site-specific documents and metrics.

Real-time analytics and reporting allow you to access real-time trial data and generate reports for analysis and decision making. This feature helps you to generate custom reports, view dashboards, and track key performance indicators (KPIs). You can also use this feature to monitor trial progress, identify trends, and make informed decisions quickly.

Smart video call and chat features for virtual meetings with patients and insiders include features such as screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, and chat functionality to enhance communication and collaboration during remote meetings. These features can help improve the virtual meeting experience and facilitate more effective communication between healthcare providers and patients or other insiders.

Electronic data capture and document management allow you to store and manage electronic documents and clinical data in one secure location. This feature helps you to improve data quality, reduce data entry errors, and ensure data security. You can also efficiently manage document version control, track document approvals, and ensure that all documents are up-to-date and accessible.

Why Choose IDS?

An AI-powered clinical trial platform with a futuristic design and user-friendly interface

Look no further than our IDS module. With this powerful tool, you can easily capture, store, and manage all your research data in a single central hub.
Why Choose IDS?

  • Streamlined Data Capture: Our IDS module offers user-friendly interfaces that can be customized to fit your project's needs for accurate and efficient data entry.

  • Data Security: Your data is stored securely in a cloud-based environment that meets the highest standards for privacy and security.

  • Reports: Our IDS module comes with advanced analytics capabilities for generating meaningful insights from your research data with custom reports, graphs, and charts.

  • Customizable Workflows: Our IDS module is highly customizable and can automate tasks such as data cleaning, validation, and export to save you time and resources.

  • Integration with eConsent and ePRO: Our eConsent and ePRO modules complement the IDS module to create a complete ecosystem for research tools. These additional modules allow you to capture electronic informed consent and collect real-time patient-reported outcomes data.

Our mission at IDS is to revolutionize the clinical trial industry by providing cutting-edge software solutions that improve the efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness of the clinical trial process.
We are committed to:

  • Empowering clinical trial professionals: We believe that by providing easy-to-use software tools, we can empower clinical trial professionals to focus on their core responsibilities and improve patient outcomes.

  • Advancing clinical research: We are committed to advancing clinical research by providing accurate and timely data that enables our clients to make informed decisions that accelerate the development and approval of new therapies.

  • Delivering exceptional value: We believe that our software should deliver exceptional value to our clients by reducing costs, improving efficiency, and accelerating timelines.
Why choose us?

Accelerate each step of your clinical study.

At any time or place, collect and reuse study data.

Discover how our most capable module, IDS EDC/CDMS, can assist you in capturing and managing all of your research data in a single central hub. And if your requirements are more extensive, you can quickly add eConsent and ePRO to create a complete ecosystem of research tools.

"IDS is Dedicated to Ensuring the Protection and Security of Your Data."

"At IDS, the security of our clients data is of the utmost importance. To guarantee this, our compliance team consistently reviews our systems and procedures to maintain strict compliance with our own stringent privacy and security standards, as well as cutting-edge industry standards."

Our Focus

How IDS different from others?

There's no need to depend tech support or go offline to make quick changes in the middle of a study.

Document management allows you to keep track of all with study templates, you can quickly create an eCRF.

Patient-related information in one place.

Role Based Access Control allows you to assign different roles and rights to each participating site.

Participants can be enrolled in on-site, hybrid, or decentralised trials using Research Manager eConsent.

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