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Company Overview

Empowering secure data solutions for regulated industries

Datamatica is a specialist Information Technology Service vendor that addresses the requirements for secure, traceable data capture, data transformation, reporting and processing efficiency within highly regulated industries.

We utilize the latest digital platforms tightly integrated with the latest security measure across all associated mobile device technologies. The results are convenient, simple and always intuitive to use. Data capture and reporting efficiencies are enhanced because data captured via secure digital devices are available for validation and analysis immediately as each data packet is completed and uploaded in real time. Sponsor and client organizations have real time access to this information allowing closer scrutiny of data quality and compliance. The result is greater data conformance and increased data management efficiencies across the board.

Our teams are able to break down the most complex requirements through business process reviews and analysis of existing systems. We translate these into more efficient processes, technical logic and functional specifications. Our integration solutions are tailor designed to meet the exacting requirements and budgets of our sponsors.

Our approach to system design is agile, flexible, and is inclusive of on demand protocol compliance.

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